Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bloo at the Fair!

A few weeks ago Bloo went and toured the Central Wisconsin State Fair. Bloo checked everything out and was there to cheer on Kellen and Ethan. He met some new friends. He also found a few interesting places to take a nap.Bloo and his new friend Bunny Hops A Lot. They got along fine until Bunny tried to make a snack of Bloo.
Bloo laying down on a pelt for a nap. This one did not suit him. It was not soft enough.
But this one was just right. Bloo said that this was the best nap he had ever had. He loved how soft and warm this one was.
Here is Bloo checking out Ethan's bird house. He was thinking about moving in but there was no T.V. so he decided against it.

Bloo had a great time at the fair and plans to go again. Maybe he will even get up close to a cow. He was a little scared of them this year. They are HUGE to him!

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